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CASTERS featurette from Erin Gould on Vimeo.

Alterna-TV called CASTERS “…a web-series that captures the uncertainty of being in one’s twenties for a new generation in much the same way that Cameron Crowe did in the early 1990s with Singles…”

The New York Times said “…one drama in the serialized-fiction mode that defines the web-series…”

The Snobby Robot said “…web series creators would be better served to take the time to tell better stories, and figure out how to edit them for the web later and I believe ‘Casters’ is a great example of that…”

Place vine Studios said “…ambitious promotional networking, as well as the polished production values, reveal a show biz savvy and creative ingenuity that elevates the series above typical indie web fare.”

WARNE (Pilot Episode) from Minimum Wage Entertainment on Vimeo.